The new family music project from Linda Perry + Sara Gilbert and friends!
Featuring "Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up," "Road Trip," "Body Parts" and "Butterflies!"

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Make It a Season of Gratitude: FREE Holiday Printables

The holiday season is here, and there is much to be thankful for — let us use this time to show our gratitude and spread it everywhere! Let children see us be grateful and allow them to participate in giving thanks for the big and little. Don’t let tiny acts of kindness or random acts of love…

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Raising children today is hard. It seems as if at every turn, in every story, on every Facebook feed, there is anything but love when it comes to child rearing. People disagree about everything from breast vs. bottle to the age that kids should be able to solve quantum physics equations. (The answer there is…

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Halloween Costumes Inspired by Deer Sounds

Deer Sounds is a family album that aims to inspire the whole family to pretend and dream. It’s full of imagination and characters from astronauts and “dreambots”  to chimpanzees and butterflies which can inspire Halloween costumes for your little ones this Halloween.  Pirate Ghosts Considering Halloween is 5 days away, this “last minute DIY” Halloween costumes…

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Storytelling Prompts Inspired by Deer Sounds

Don’t you love how full of imagination children are?  They can transform their entire world into a fairy tale of wonder and excitement. They don’t just pretend that their stuffed animals and dolls can talk — they hear them. Deer Sounds is a family album that aims to inspire the whole family to pretend and dream. Here’s…

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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Did you know that September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day? IT IS! Lucky for you,  Deer Sounds has the perfect song to celebrate! Pirate Ghosts is full of fun phrases and silly words to get kids in a creative spirit and prompting them to use their imagination before conquering the seven seas. To take it up…

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7 Rainy Day Activities

Good music and rainy days just go together. We love curling up on the couch with a good book and great tunes — but sometimes the kiddos have another plan (and LOTS of energy!) Here are some rainy day activities to keep idle minds, hands and hearts active. For the soundtrack to your rainy day, we recommend…

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